Second Judgeship Supported For Vilas County

Sep 24, 2014


Earlier this year, the state of Wisconsin told Vilas county it had enough cases that a second judgeship could be added. Two months ago, Circuit Court Judge Neal Nielsen told the board it was getting more difficult to keep up with the caseload he has to hear. Tuesday, after lengthy debate, the county board said they would go along with the idea of another position if the state would let them have a little time.

The state identified Vilas county as one county that could be funded should the legislature concur. While Judge Neilsen often hears criminal case, county Corporation Counsel Martha Milanowski says her office has also seen more work. She says Vilas county is the fourth-busiest given the workload of the judges....

".....many times there is a delay in getting the cases in front of the judge given the calendar, it tends to be quite clogged. Not just my office by anyone who brings their case to court...."

But adding the new court would not be without expense for local taxpayers. The board asked the state that if Vilas county was included in the judgeship bill for funding that they be given one year to work out the local details, including staff and space needs. Other counties have had similar requests granted by state officials.