Sen. Bewley Wonders About Transportation Funding

Nov 14, 2016

State Senator Janet Bewley

A Northwoods state Senate Democrat says there are some points of agreement with the Walker Administration concerning the economy, but differences remain.

Janet Bewley of Mason was at the the Northern Wisconsin Economic Development Summit last week in Minocqua. She reacted to a speech given by Governor Scott Walker where Walker outlined a need for rapid development of high speed internet in the Northwoods...

"....the Governor is saying that all the programs of the state have to relate to all parts of the state. The northern part of Wisconsin will get the attention it deserves when it comes to full broadband deployment...."

Bewley says she's glad Walker recognizes that access to a good paying job is felt in the entire state. She says she hopes to talk to Walker and others about making sure those jobs pay sustaining wages. She says what's changed is both adults in a household must work just to maintain the status quo because jobs are paying less.

She says Walker's statement that Wisconsin has a higher rate of people with jobs than many states is fine, but questions whether employment happening because the jobs are paying less. She says there was no mention of the state Transportation budget which has a shortfall. She says repair and maintenance problems continue...

"....the Governor has not suggested that we are going to get any new revenue that will be dedicated to transportation. Rather he's going to move revenue from one place to another. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. We need additional revenue and I don't think that problem has been solved yet...."

Bewley's district includes parts of Iron, Vilas and Price counties.