Session This Thursday Helps People Cope With Loss During The Holidays

Dec 4, 2018


While the holidays can be a time of great spirits, for some, the holidays are a tough time after the loss of a loved one.

This week a session is set in Minocqua to help people get through the holidays. Ascension At Home Barbara Schjoneman is the Bereavement Coordinator at Dr. Kate Hospice in Arbor Vitae. 

"It really doesn't matter how long ago your loved one died. The holiday season is a difficult time, or can be, When a loved one is ill for awhile, we have time to talk to that person and hopefully prepare ourselves for the end of life and the grieving process that follows. But when you have a person die unexpectedly, the feelings can be more intense. We don't always get the opportunity to say good-bye...."

Barbara Schjoneman says the general rule of thumb is a year in the grieving process, but for some, that can last longer. She says it's a pain that has to be gone through. She says it's a life-changing process and it takes time to heal. A program is set for Thursday. "Coping With Grief During The Holiday Season".

The free session is at the Minocqua Public Library large conference room from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. She says you can RSVP at Dr. Kate Hospice at 800-234-3542.