Skill On The Greens Provides Green For Rhinelander Area Food Pantry

Sep 5, 2019

L-R: Guy Hansen, Executive Director; Jane Motowski, General Manager; Geoff Edwards; Ginger Chobak, Treasurer; and Chris Kott, Operations Assistant.
Credit Rhinelander Area Food Pantry

A little bit of golf has turned into a big donation for the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry.

Geoff Edwards and his partner, Dan Buttke, took first place in the 2019 Baker Tilly Charity Choice Invitational held at the North Shore Golf Club in Menasha.

Food Pantry Executive Director Guy Hansen picks up the story there...

"..We're pretty excited to get a $10,000 donation to the Food Pantry. I can tell you we don't get too many of those. Geoff Edwards, a fellow from town, he and his partner won a golf tournament and each of them got $10,000 that the had to donate someplace and Geoff chose the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry and we're pretty pleased about that...."

Hansen says one particular aspect of the Food Pantry's offering led to their selection...

"Geoff really likes the Weekend Foods For Kids program that we have and partly because his wife is a teacher in the school system and has seen how it works in a school system. That was one of the main reasons. The other thing he said is he wanted to make sure he kept his donation local..."

Hansen says the Weekend Food For Kids program will start again this October within the area school systems. Kids that are on free or reduced lunch get a backpack with food they take home over the days off. Hansen says it helps get good nutrition to students in need.

It should be noted that Edwards and Buttke also won the event last year, and Edwards selected the Oneida County Humane Society as his choice recipient.