Snapshot Wisconsin Recruiting Property Owners In Oneida, Marinette Counties

Mar 15, 2017

Credit Courtesy: Wisconsin DNR

Property owners in Oneida and Marinette counties are being recruited by the DNR to voluntarily join Snapshot Wisconsin, a citizen-science effort to capture images of all types of wildlife.

Spokesperson Susan Frett says a statewide wildlife monitoring project that's being rolled out on a county-by-county basis. The program began in 2016....

" we're recruiting volunteers to put out trail cameras on priavate land they have access to. Either land that they own or land of their friends or relatives. These volunteers will be collecting wildlife photos that the DNR is going to use to make improved wildlife management decisions...."

Frett says the DNR supplies the cameras and the training to operate the equipment. She says they hope to find enough participants to cover a majority of the county....

"....we have the county divided into survey blocks and each block is a quarter of a township. We want one camera per survey block to have full enrollment in the county.....but each county has on average 80 survey blocks...."

To date, 446 volunteers currently maintain 613 trail cameras and more than 8 million photos have been collected. To qualify, volunteers must have access to at least 10 acres of contiguous private land in Marinette or Oneida counties and agree to maintain a trail camera on that land for at least one year. Frett says there are approximately 4,000 volunteers from around the world participating in crowd-sourced classification of images. Frett says tribal members or affiliates on tribal lands and educators throughout the state are also encouraged to participate.

Volunteers can sign up by going to the DNR website and putting snapshot wi signup. org in the search box.