Stormy Kromer Company Offers Local Restaurants Free Signs To Advertise Carryout Food

Mar 20, 2020

Jacquart Fabric Products is offering these free signs to local restaurants and bars during the coronavirus outbreak.
Credit Jacquart Fabric Products

People know Ironwood-based Jacquart Fabrics for making the familiar Stormy Kromer hats.

But some restaurants and bars in the area now know the company for making vinyl signs, too.

Both Michigan and Wisconsin have a ban on in-person dining in response to the coronavirus.

Jacquart Fabrics is offering to make free signs with its vinyl printer advertising carryout food.

“As all of this was happening, it seems as though our bars and restaurants are kind of the first getting really hit by the economic impact and [we] just thought, is there something we can do to help?” said Jacquart Fabrics President Gina Thorsen.

The signs are available to any restaurant or bar in Iron County, Wis. or Gogebic County, Mich.

“We felt that this was something small that we could offer that would be positive.  We’re so sick of hearing everything negative in the news and all of the really concerning stories,” Thorsen said.  “[We] thought, if we could just do something positive in our local community, even that little gesture can make a difference.”

Interested businesses can call Jacquart Fabric Products at 906-932-7804, extension 1110, or contact the company through its Facebook page.