Tax Checkoff Will Help Wisconsin Endangered Resources

Feb 21, 2017

Rough Popcorn Flower is endangered
Credit Wikimedia Commons

As you prepare your taxes, a DNR official hopes you consider a donation to the Endangered Resources Fund to help preserve rare plants and animals and high quality natural areas. The fund works with landowners, businesses, communities and other customers and partners to consider the potential impacts of land development, planning and management projects on rare and sensitive species and habitats very early in the project planning process.

The Director of the DNR Natural Heritage Conservation Bureau, Drew Feldkirchner says tax deductions are a key way they stay funded...

"....we get donations through a variety of sources, a tax checkoff being one of the most important of those. Also, the sale of our license plates which would be the wolf and eagle license plates and we also have folks who give us direct gifts...."

Feldkirchner outlines where the money is spent...

"....the money goes to managing our state natural areas, some of the most special parts of the state, state natural areas. Really great places that protect bird species and things like that. but they require a lot of work to maintain so there's a lot of burning, weed pulling, those kinds of things that have to happen on an ongoing basis...."

Feldkirchner says when you're filling out your taxes, there are checkoffs on the form. Feldkirchner says Wisconsin has a rich natural heritage as the state sits at the junction of the northern forest, prairies and other landscapes and the fund goes to help in each area of the state.