Thompson Says Walker Might Have Tough Re-election Bid

Apr 5, 2018

Former Wi. Gov. Tommy Thompson
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Former Governor Tommy Thompson was in Wausau Wednesday night to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service or WIPPS.

Before the event, Thompson spoke on a number of different topics. Thompson says that he was not surprised to see Rebecca Dallet win the Wisconsin Supreme Court race on Tuesday.

"I thought Dallet ran a strong campaign," he said. "I knew the Republicans were in trouble. I think it's indicative of what's taking place across the country. There's a Democratic wave and that Democrats are much more energized."

Thompson says he believes the state of Wisconsin is very strong at the moment.

"The economy's strong. There's the highest number of people working and the lowest unemployment. The economy is good, but there's a feeling in Wisconsin that something's just not right. When you have that it could become a wave election," Thompson said.

The former governor went on to say that he believes current Governor Scott Walker, will have a tough road to re-election this fall, like all Republicans will. Thompson also said that he believes more bipartisan work needs to be done in the state and that his Republican colleagues need to come back to Wisconsin and campaign if they hope to get re-elected this year.