Three Lakes Voters Approve Referendum; Electors Approve New Town Hall

Nov 8, 2017


Two votes in Three Lakes Tuesday are approved.

Three Lakes school district voters passed a referendum to exceed revenue limits by slightly more than $3 million per year for five years. The vote total was 750 in favor of the referendum, 294 opposed.

Also yesterday in Three Lakes, town electors approved building a new town hall.

At a special town meeting on Tuesday, electors authorized the town board to borrow $1.6 million to tear down the existing structure and build a new town office and police department on the existing footprint.

As far back as 2009,.town officials recognized the building was in need of major repairs or replacement. Engineering studies were done, but town taxpayers pushed back against any proposed solution and the issue went dormant for a decade.

After this past April's elections, newly seated town chair Jeff Bruss reopened the topic, suggesting multiple options.....

"....$1.6 million for 11,000 square foot for what in my opinion is going to be a very nice building. Every bit as aesthetically pleasing as the one we're in and in my opinion, more, and new construction...."

This time around, taxpayers were more receptive. By a vote of 50 in favor with none opposed they gave the town the green light to proceed. Construction is expected to begin early next year, with completion slated for November, 2018.