Tourism Dept.: Falling for Fall in Wisconsin

Aug 8, 2013

State tourism officials are harnessing some star power for a new fall tourism campaign.  A 90-second television ad released last week features football star Jordy Nelson, and is directed by Jerry Zucker, producer of the movie Airplane.  Danielle Johnson from the state Department of Tourism says the ad tells viewers, ‘there’s no place like fall in Wisconsin.’

 “I think it’s absolutely fantastic.  You know it’s a play on the wizard of oz which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, so it’s timely that way, and it’s really a cute and heartwarming spot.”

Johnson says fall is usually Wisconsin’s second-biggest season for tourism numbers. 

 “Fall color is really a major reason that people come to Wisconsin in September and October.  We have 16 million acres of forest that burst into gorgeous hues of red, orange and yellow.  So it’s definitely a big travel motivator, fall color is.”

Johnson says the 90-second commercial is a first for the department, which typically produces shorter spots.  She says it will air in Chicago, the Twin Cities, and major markets in Wisconsin starting in early September.