Two COVID-19 Cases Identified In Crandon School District

Sep 11, 2020

Credit Crandon School District Facebook

The Crandon School District joins the list of area districts that have seen cases of COVID-19.

In a Facebook Post, the district announced two unlinked cases of COVID-19 were reported Thursday.  One case was at Crandon High School and one at Crandon Elementary School.

The district is working with the Forest County Health Department to quickly identify those who may have had close contact with the two people.  Any students or staff who had close contact will be notified and asked to quarantine.  They’re are also cleaning and disinfecting the school to control the spread of illness.

At this point, the district will remain open for in-person student attendance. The Crandon District will continue to sanitize and thoroughly clean the school as well as enforce social distancing with staff and students.