Unemployment Numbers Improve, But Remain High In Northwoods

Jul 30, 2020

Credit pxhere.com

Iron and Forest counties count for two of the top three highest unemployment rates in Wisconsin.

The state's monthly local jobless numbers show a dramatic increase in unemployment from one year ago due to coronavirus upsetting the economy. But the rates in all the state's 72 counties dropped from the previous month.

State labor economist Mitchell Rupp in Wausau details some of the Northwoods numbers...

"Forest(county) 18.5(percent), Langlade 8.1, Lincoln 7.0, Oneida 8.7, and Vilas 9.0...."

Iron county had the state's third highest rate at 14 percent. Price county is at 8.5 percent.

Rupp reports all the counties June numbers are three to five points lower than the May unemployment rates.

People returned to work in June in greater numbers after Governor Evers 'Safer-At-Home' order was overturned by the State Supreme Court.

Lafayette county had the state's lowest rate at 5.7 percent, while Menominee county had the highest rate at twenty percent