Vilas Board Tables Talk Of Moratorium On Shoreland Lots

Nov 10, 2015

Credit pixabay-Vadura

The Vilas County Board tabled a resolution which would have put a six month moratorium on all land division within areas regulated by shoreland zoning.

The state budget changed local regulation, allowing looser state codes, and taking away tougher county enforcement.

At Tuesday's meeting, Zoning committee chair Ken Anderson asked the resolution be withdrawn. He says they want to look at the subdivision ordinance, including the shoreland regulations, then take them to the public.

"....the zoning administrator and staff feel confident they can accomplish this new challenge without a moratorium. Therefore I'm requesting the withdrawal of theĀ  resolution ...."

Anderson says once the county regulations are worked over at the committee level, they will go to public hearings in the communities affected. Both the Vilas and Oneida county board voted against the proposed changes brought about by the Wisconsin legislature.