Vilas Co. Board To Discuss Sharing County Circuit Judge

Sep 18, 2017

Vilas county courthouse

A request to the state for adding a shared Judge to serve Vilas County was approved by the county legislative & judicial committee to go to the county board Sept. 26 for approval, thereby dropping a request for a second full time judge.

Several years ago Vilas County discussed requesting another judge but the idea failed to get out of committee for a full board vote.

Vilas County Judge Neal Nielsen again asked for support for a second judge, citing his work load that a study showed was 5th highest in the state. Supervisor Jay Verhulst  noting theearlier  failed vote, said a different approach was needed and moved to request adding a shared judge. “That's not an uncommon arrangement,” Judge Nielsen said, pointing out Forest and Florence share a judge as well as Buffalo and Pepin counties.

The committee discussed possible judicial arrangements with Iron County and Tribal court, then voted to send a shared judge request to the county board. Judge Nielsen said he would talk with the District Court Administration on adding a shared judge for Vilas County.