Vilas Co. Survey Wants Public To Share Key Issues

Aug 3, 2015


More than 1,000 Vilas county homes are getting surveys this week from the county to get feedback about some key issues.

Vilas County Community Resource Development Educator Christopher Stark says as the population changes in the county, they would like to find out more about resident's opinions. He says it's called the Community Connections Survey. One question concerns fastest speed Internet service...

"....we'll be interested to know the answers to that because we're not aware of any comprehensive countywide survey has been done on just that subject...."

 Stark says the population is changing and they want to get a clearer picture of the current residents..

"....we feel we need to learn more about county residents and certainly many different groups will be interested in the results including businesses, including county employees for planning purposes, planning for our economic development, our Economic Development Corporation will be quite interested in it, county supervisors and town chairs, etc."

He says the survey also asks about job satisfaction and other questions. Stark says beginning this week residents will see a letter coming from UW-River Falls. Stark says they would like to have the surveys back by mid-August. He says they want to encourage everyone to return the survey.. If you have questions, contact the Vilas County UW-Extension.