Vilas Co.- Tribal Communications Committee Disbands

Jan 25, 2018


Perhaps the most important news from this week's meeting of the Vilas  County  Board was not the routine resolutions authorizing various grant applications and minor standing rule changes but the information from board chairman Ron DeBruyne about  attending an executive meeting of the Lac du Flambeau tribal council.

DeBruyne said this was by invitation only with representatives of Vilas, Oneida, and Iron counties along with tribal members and representatives of federal agencies, prompted by the recent murder of a tribal member.

DeBruyne said he was eliminating board members on the Vilas County-tribal communication committee and the tribe is also withdrawing their members. This committee was formed 20 years ago at the height of tribal spring spearing for communication between the two governments. It will be replaced by a regional committee made up of multi-county and multi-agency personnel.

When the draft proposal is ready, it will be presented for consideration.