Vilas County To Consider Condemnation Commission

Jan 24, 2020

Credit Vilas Co.

A Vilas County Condemnation commission is expected to be established when the county board meets next Tuesday at the request of Judge Neal Nielsen, III who told the county finance committee state statutes it's a statutory requirement and he has a couple of cases where they may be needed.

“The purpose of the Condemnation Commission is to determine the fair marker value of private property taken under condemnation proceedings by a government agency or utilities,” Nielsen said. “Although I appoint the members, the county determines their compensation.”

Judge Nielsen indicated the commission will be six members, two of which would be attorneys, appointed by the court. They have to meet at least once a year as a whole and elect one member to serve as chairman. When they receive from the court an application for condemnation, three commissioners would sit on a panel in not less than 20 nor more than 30 days. The commission hears from the private landowner and from the entity seeking condemnation. When all of the property is taken, the issue is fair market value; when part on the property is taken, the issue I the difference between fair market value before and after the taking,

The county board resolution established compensation at $25.00 per hour for administrative work, mileage, and out-of-pocket expenses. The committee rejected higher hourly compensation for attorneys. The last time Vilas County had a Compensation Commission was 2007.