Vilas Courthouse Costs Exceed Firm Cutoff Target

Jan 26, 2017

Vilas County Courthouse

After cutting parts of the Vilas County courthouse two story addition last month, the county board restored the cuts costing taxpayers another $650,000 and voted separately on $163,000 in security upgrades that were included in the original bid documents.

The action raised the courthouse addition from the original "not to exceed $10 million" to $11,263,000 with the added $813,000 monies coming from the general fund, estimated to be near $8 million.

The only questions from the county board floor was $180,000 audio-visual and lighting one touch control for the new county board room in the addition. Tying the new second floor into the present courthouse second floor through what is now the register in probate office prompted security upgrades for the clerk of court, judicial assistant, and courtrooms.