Vilas D.A. Employee to Stay On

Aug 28, 2013


 The limited term employee working in the Vilas County District Attorney’s office will be staying on the job for another six months while the office implements a paperless system.

The Vilas County board of supervisors on Tuesday approved a request by District Attorney Al Moustakis to extend the limited term employee through March, 2014.

Moustakis has been the target of recent news media reports about golfing during courthouse working hours.  The issue surfaced at the board meeting, but was quickly quelled by Supervisor Chris Meyer, who chairs the county’s personnel committee:

"I just think that we're wasting our time here today, if that's going to affect the decision of whether we hire this person."

Moustakis responded with this comment:

"I do my job, I run my office and I do it as well as I possibly can with the limited people that we have, who work very hard.  And that's all I want to say." 

The total cost to Vilas county of the additional six months of employment, including benefits, is just shy of $13,000.00.