Vilas Supervisors OK New Secretary in D.A's Office

Feb 25, 2014


"...What I’ve been able to accomplish with the tribe really is a history thing for Vilas County…"

That's Vilas County District Attorney Al Moustakis, addressing Tuesday’s meeting of the Vilas county board of Supervisors about an agreement reached with the Lac du Flambeau tribe to pay for a full time secretary in the DA’s office…


" ...For the tribe to stand up and say we’re going to take ownership of what is happening in our county and try to reduce what’s happening is a really big thing."

By a near-unanimous vote, supervisors approval the deal worked out by Moustakis. The Lac du Flambeau tribe agreed to pay the county $25,000 per year for three years toward the cost of a full time secretary. The cost to Vilas county is $5300.00 annually.

Vilas County Circuit Court Judge Neal Nielsen told supervisors that Vilas county court is the fifth largest in the state. We’ll close over 1200 criminal cases this year, that’s five per day, said Judge Nielsen...


" every one of those cases, all the investigative reports that come in need to be processed by the District Attorney. All those documents need to be furnished to defense counsel. There's a lot in his office and so when we're that busy I know that his office is that busy too...."

The secretarial position starts at a rate of $13.35 for six months, and then pays $15.70 per hour.