Volunteers Needed To Find Invasives In Northwoods

Sep 1, 2016

Credit en.wikipedia.org

Volunteers are needed to help discover invasive species in the Northwoods. Volunteers will help the Oneida County AIS team search for invasive species in rivers and streams during the 3rd Annual Bridge Snapshot Day.

Oneida County AIS Coordinator Steph Boismenue talks about what happens..

"....AIS coordinators and volunteers go out in the field and we look at intersections where there is a road or bridge that crosses a river, thoroughfare or stream. We're looking for invasive species both terrestrial and aquatic...."

Boismenue says the are in need of volunteers. Volunteers can choose one of four monitoring areas, which are Minocqua, Three Lakes, Rhinelander, and the Pelican Lake areas...

"....this is to identify invasives not previously known in those areas. That will help us with any monitoring activities we need to pursue from that point on....."

Bridge Snapshot Day is sponsored by the River Alliance of Wisconsin and is being held during the morning of Saturday, September 10.

Contact the Oneida County Land and Water Conservation Office for more information.