Wisconsin Residents Pay More For Health Coverage: Report

Nov 12, 2015

Credit pixabay

Wisconsin residents are paying 47 percent more on average than Minnesota residents for comparable health insurance.

That is a key statistic in a report filed by an advocacy group that would like to see Wisconsin take federal Medicaid money. Citizen Action of Wisconsin analyzed comparable policies under the Affordable Care Act and found no matter where you are in Wisconsin, you pay more than Minnesotans.

Executive Director Robert Kraig says even though Minnesota's rates went up this year, Wisconsin's rose faster...

"....this report also shows huge disparities between Wisconsin cities. Cities like Wausau, Stevens Point, Milwaukee are much higher by a substantial factor than areas that are more affordable such as Madison and Janesville-Beloit. But their all more expensive than Minnesota...."

Rhinelander area residents would pay about 52 percent more than Minnesota residents.

Minnesota took money from the federal government under the Affordable Care Act. Kraig says the rapid rise of insurance policy deductibles is a large factor. State Senator Tom Tiffany this week said one reason the Walker Administration didn't take the federal money is it would have put 85,000 more people on Medicaid. The full report is on the Citizen Action of Wisconsin website.