Wisconsin Supreme Court To Consider Case From Vilas County

Jan 31, 2020

Credit Pixabay.com

A court case out of Vilas County will go all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  The court announced Ritter versus Farrow as one of five new cases it was taking Thursday. 

The issues in the case include “does Wisconsin trademark law allow an implied assignment of trademarks to a new owner when no other business assets or services are transferred”.  Another question is whether Wisconsin’s Condominium Ownership Act requires control of a trademark go to a condominium association when a property is converted to a condominium. 

The case involves the use of the name “Bibs Resort” in St. Germain, after the resort property was converted to condos.  Some of the units came under new ownership.  After relationships between the parties deteriorated, a dispute developed over who could use the “Bibs Resort” name.