WPS Reports Successful Peregrine Falcon Recovery

Oct 11, 2019

Credit Wisconsin Public Service

Numbers released by Wisconsin Public Service and WE Energies find a strong comeback of a bird that was teetering on not being around any more.

A new report indicates 402 peregrine falcon chicks have hatched at the energy companies’ power plants in the past 25 years, including 12 chicks this past spring.

Though peregrine falcons remain on Wisconsin’s endangered species list, the chicks born at WPS the power plants are helping the population’s recovery.

According to the DNR, less than 50 years ago, peregrine falcon nesting pairs did not exist in the eastern United States.

WPS spokesperson Matt Cullen says interest in the project has been high....

"...Whether it's been from interested peregrine falcon observers, some of our customers, especially students throughout our service area. I know the students have gotten really involved in the falcons each spring for the past several years. That's something we're excited to see and we're excited to help the species recover...."

Since 1996, 22 percent of all peregrine falcons born in Wisconsin have hatched inside a nest box at a WPS or We Energies facility. The falcons nest along sides of cliffs, but also have successfully nested on the towers of energy plants. We have a link here to the report.