WXPR Introduces New Series 'Employed'

Sep 8, 2020

WXPR introduces ‘Employed,’ a weekly reporting series focused on the new Northwoods.

The landscape of living, playing, and working in the Northwoods is changing. Where we work, where we shop, where we eat, where we reside, and how we support our families looks different than it did even a decade ago. It continues to shift as industry, tourism, retail, services, and natural resources shift.

WXPR seeks to bring its listeners the stories of those shifts through a new weekly series, ‘Employed.’

The Northwoods is attracting new employers, new families, and new technologies. Young families seek the tranquility of the lakes and forests while staying connected to the broader world. Industries adapt as supply and demand shifts. Employees seek new opportunities as employers move in new directions. Broadband networks gradually reach every corner of rural counties. Entrepreneurs and inventors bring creative ideas to places they’ve never been.

Perhaps the biggest change was a completely unexpected one. COVID-19 completely flipped how many businesses operate and compelled countless employees to work from home. For some, perhaps, it will be part of an ongoing template for work.

As part of Employed, you’ll hear stories of businesses, individuals, and families navigating the evolving Northwoods landscape. The audio-rich radio pieces will be accompanied by pictures, videos, graphics, and links on wxpr.org, all in an effort to help Employed tell the story of the new Northwoods.

Employed airs Thursdays at 6:45 a.m., 8:45 a.m., and 5:44 p.m. on WXPR. It’s also found at wxpr.org.