WXPR Welcomes Ben Meyer as New Water-Focused Special Topics Correspondent

Sep 11, 2019

Special Topics Correspondent Ben Meyer

Water in the Wisconsin's Northwoods and Michigan's Upper Peninsula serves as the basis of life and health.  With countless lakes, rivers, springs, and aquifers, water is also linked with the very identity of the region.  As a service to its listeners, WXPR is pleased to announce the creation of a new reporting position with a specific focus:  water.

WXPR has hired Ben Meyer as a special topics correspondent to focus on this topic.  Ben will explore themes surrounding water, water quality, and water resources and present informative and intriguing content on air and online through an ongoing series called “The Stream.”

This grant-funded position is made possible through the generous giving of WXPR listeners who care deeply about the station, its listeners, and the communities of our area.  In addition to reporting on water, you’ll hear Ben covering other local news and hosting WXPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Prior to taking the job at WXPR, Ben worked for more than seven years as a reporter, producer, executive producer, and interim news director at WJFW-TV in Rhinelander.  He lives in Rhinelander with his fiancée, Erika.

To submit water-related reporting ideas, tips, and questions, email Ben at ben@wxpr.org.