Zoning Changes Or Allowing Back-door Mining?

May 16, 2013

The revision of Oneida county's allowable zoning uses has drawn the interest of mining opponents.

The county board last August put aside pursuing a sulphide mine in the town of Lynne. As part of a routine review of changes to zoning districts, the Planning and Development committee recently added the possibility of 'mining' to forestry. The proposed sulphide mine would have been constructed on county-owned forest land. Mining opponents like Karl Fate of Crescent feels this could be a back-door way to make easier the opening of mine at the Lynne site....

"...seems to me the changes you propose to make are an attempt to advance the mine at Lynne and therefore is contempt for the county board..."

Alan Van Raalte hoped the committee wasn't trying another tactic to bring in a mine...

"...I try not to be cynic, but neither am I a Pollyanna. But I remain skeptical of deluting or streamlining regulations..."

The statements came during the public comment portion of the agenda and the committee had no comment and resumed working on other portions of the zoning changes. They concluded without finishing the extensive revisions, which also include items like multi-family dwellings. A public hearing on the proposed changes will be held at an undetermined date and time.