Usually around this time of year, there’s no shortage of artist and crafter markets.


ArtStart in Rhinelander is known for showing the works of amazing artists in its two galleries inside.

Now it wants to show off some of that art outside and make it functional.

“We want it to be something that is interactive and conducive to an outdoor gathering space and potentially an outdoor classroom for our kids art classes to move outdoors and some of the events and programs that we have to take place outdoors and have kind of an artistic beautification element and also interactivity built in,” said Childs.

Northwoods Art Tour

A long standing and much anticipated arts tradition in the Northwoods is set for this weekend at several stops across the Northwoods.

Many of northern Wisconsin’s finest artists will open theIR doors of their private studios and galleries for the annual Northwoods Art Tour.

One of the artists on the tour, Ann Waisbrot details the unique multi-county event... 

Studying Science, For Art

Jan 16, 2014
Michelle Sharp

A group of art students traveled to the Northwoods last week...for a dose of science.  Students at the Milwaukee Institute for Art and Design spent a week at the Kemp Station Natural Resources Station near Woodruff. 

It may surprise some people to find art students also interested in science, but to Maddy Dall, it’s totally natural.

“I’ve always really been interested in paleontology especially – so like dinosaurs.  I always told myself if I could draw dinosaurs I’d be a happy person – so scientific illustration really appealed to me.”