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Fall is another time when whitetails get very active and they also become even more likely to be an obstacle in front of your car.

Randy Romanski is Safety Programs Chief for the state Department of Transportation...

"...Deer get a little more active during October and November as bucks are pursuing potential mates. Motorists are reminded over the next couple of months especially to be alert for the potential of deer darting across the roadways...."

He says while you will often see one deer in the road, always expect more to follow. Skeeze

When there's a chill in the air this time of year, the normally cautious white-tail deer are in the rut and less likely to be aware of on-coming vehicles.

Wisconsin is among the nation's leader in deer-vehicle crashes.

The DNR's Big Game Section Chief Bob Nack says drivers should be cautious....

This is the time of the year when deer become the most active and that means drivers, especially people on motorcycles, need to be extra alert.

The DOT's safety expert David Pabst says the crashes often happen during specific times..

Drivers: Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Deer

Nov 6, 2013

As the nights grow longer, greater numbers of drivers may be hitting deer.

JP Wieske  is spokesman for the Offices of the Insurance Commissioner.  He says drivers need to pay attention, because this time of year is especially risky. 

“I think the main reason is the activity of the deer.  There’s a lot of travel, it’s getting darker, but also there’s a lot more deer activity at this time of year.”

Wieske says animal collisions are a significant expense for insurance companies.  He says deer hits were up last year.