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The advocacy group Citizen Action of Wisconsin is hoping to focus public attention on a court case that could eliminate health coverage for up to two million Wisconsin residents.

While Congress has failed to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, a case in Texas federal court could eliminate the entire Act.

Executive Director Robert Kraig details the issue saying people with pre-existing conditions no longer having guarantees of insurance coverage...

Democratic State Representative Deb Kolste of Janesville has introduced a package of bills focused on reforming the pharmaceutical industry, including legislation to increase transparency in how prescription drug manufacturers set their prices.

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Governor Walker has called a special session of the legislature to deal with a growing opioid problem in the state, especially among young people.

While addiction experts praised Walker's call, others have said portions of the proposal are far underfunded. Last week Citizen Action of Wisconsin held a conference call on the session.

Executive Director Robert Kraig says one key component of Walker's proposal is underfunded...

With the clock ticking, an advocacy group is asking insurance companies to come up with what are called 'low-out of pocket' insurance plans.

This week Citizen Action of Wisconsin reports on July 22, insurers need to submit 2017 plan designs to the state for the health marketplace, The group was asking the companies to offer what are known as Low Out-Of-Pocket health plans that provide health care access at costs that working families can afford by reducing deductibles.

A report by an advocacy group says Northwoods residents are leaving millions of dollars on the table during tax time.

Kevin Kane from Citizen Action of Wisconsin says residents in Oneida county alone could miss out on $1.3 million in Earned Income and Child Tax Credits if they don't claim it on their tax forms. Kane says one out of five tax filers don't claim the tax credit. Kane says these credits are one of the largest anti-poverty measures...


Wisconsin residents are paying 47 percent more on average than Minnesota residents for comparable health insurance.

That is a key statistic in a report filed by an advocacy group that would like to see Wisconsin take federal Medicaid money. Citizen Action of Wisconsin analyzed comparable policies under the Affordable Care Act and found no matter where you are in Wisconsin, you pay more than Minnesotans.

Executive Director Robert Kraig says even though Minnesota's rates went up this year, Wisconsin's rose faster...

The group Citizen Action of Wisconsin reports some major cost-shifting is occurring as Wisconsin consumers face increasing health insurance rates and deductibles.

Executive Director Dr. Robert Kraig notes across the state of Wisconsin, their review saw a 4.2 percent increase in the "Silver Plan" premiums from the Affordable Care Act, which is what he calls the benchmark to base statistical analysis. Kraig says that shows a slowing of premium costs, but he says Wisconsin had the fourth-highest premium cost base in the country. But he says deductible on plans caught their eye...

Several Northwoods counties are among those hosting an advisory question on next month's ballot about whether the state should accept federal money to help pay for Badgercare.

The Walker administration has not accepted the money saying with the federal budget deficit, the money could be taken away leaving the state to pick up the costs.

A progressive-leaning group says Wisconsin's health insurance rates are much higher than Minnesota's. A state spokesperson says the group is not comparing apples to apples and the report is politically-motivated.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin says they've looked at Wisconsin's health insurance rates under the Affordable Health Care Act and found a large difference in costs between the two states. At the heart of the issue is the rejection of federal funds under Obamacare by Wisconsin to help fund health care for low income people.

A report shows the lack of extra federal funding in Medicaid and other factors have lead to what one progressive-leaning group says are higher health coverage costs  for Wisconsin small businesses compared to Minnesota.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin Executive Director Robert Kraig gives Rhinelander as an example..

" in Rhinelander it is literally 28% higher than it is in Minneapolis...we think that has a lot to do with how both states are approaching the Affordable Care Act...."

A report by the Democratic-leaning Citizen Action of Wisconsin challenges Governor Scott Walker's refusal to accept federal Medicaid money for BadgerCare has resulted in higher health insurance costs here than elsewhere.

During a media call with reporters this week, Citizen Action Director Robert Kraig said with increased transparency from Obamacare, they were able to gather data  on what other states are paying versus here. He says three conclusions came out of the data..

The heroin and opioid  addiction problems troubling many Wisconsin communities, including those here in the Northwoods,  has caught the attention of one health advocacy group.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is launching an initiative to increase access to effecting drug screening and intervention services for youth.

Citizen Action's Kevin Kane says they're looking at early intervention to stop greater, and more costly, problems later....

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is claiming the state's public-private job generating agency...Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.. is funneling jobs to places in Republican districts and mostly ignoring Democratic districts. A WEDC spokesperson says that is not true.

Citizen Action has been described as leaning Democratic. On the Citizen Action website, their analysis claims fewer jobs were generated in the city of Milwaukee, but the state found jobs in the more Republican suburban areas. Citizen Action of Wisconsin leader Robert Kraig...

Friday, President Obama met with business leaders to discuss hiring the long-term unemployed.

Dr. Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin says the nation still has the highest rate of long term unemployed since the Great Depression...


Rhinelander Healthcare Costs Rank Average Statewide

Dec 18, 2013

Rhinelander health care premiums are falling somewhere in the middle as compared to the rest of the state.  That’s according to a new report from progressive group Citizen Action of Wisconsin.  It compares health insurance rates in different regions statewide.

It finds Madison tends to rank lowest, while the highest premiums are found in the Milwaukee area and in far Northwestern Wisconsin.