In recent days, a report titled “Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful” was released in response to one of President Biden’s first Executive Orders. The Masked Biologist pulls this report apart and shares some highlights in this week’s Wildlife Matters.


There is an old cowboy saying that goes something like this, “It ain’t the things you don’t know what gets you in trouble; it’s the things you know for certain that just ain’t so!” My high school English teacher would be horrified by the grammar, but the sentiment is certainly true.

My topic for today – What do we really know about our forests? What is perception and what is reality?

Katie Thoresen/WXPR

Jeff Currie and his wife Ann took advantage of the early snow melt to get a look at the latest progress on the Great Headwaters Trails.

“I must say this is the first time we’ve taken a look at it,” said Jeff. “It’s definitely dramatic.”

They’re exploring the corner of Song Hill Lane and County Highway K, west of Phelps. That’s where the 8.5 mile stretch of trail from Conover ends and the work on the last segment of trail is beginning.

Over the winter, loggers came through and took down trees that are still strewn over where the path will wind through the woods.

Michigan Groups Welcome More Climate Action from Biden

Jan 27, 2021
ISTOCK/Michigan News Connection

Conservation groups in Michigan are welcoming the Biden administration's commitment to environmental protection.

President Biden is expected to release more policies today aimed at tackling climate change and preserving public lands.

Tim Minotas, legislative and political coordinator for the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter, felt the policies are crucial for the state, which continues to feel the climate impacts of increased rainfall and flooding, as well as deterioration of Lake Michigan's shores.

ISTOCK/Wisconsin News Connection

Wisconsin residents have shown a renewed interest in outdoor activities during the pandemic, but conservation groups and some local governments say to keep public lands viable, a key program needs to be renewed.

Next month, Gov. Tony Evers unveils his proposed budget, and nature advocates hope it includes re-authorization of the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program, due to expire this summer.

Michigan Hunters, Anglers Set 2021 Conservation Goals

Dec 28, 2020

Hunters and anglers in Michigan and other states say they're ready to work with the new administration and new Congress on key conservation issues.

Wisconsin's Green Fire

A change in Wisconsin's Governor has some conservationists hopeful that the next few years will feature more science in environmental decisions.

Rhinelander's Bob Martini is a board member of Wisconsin's Green Fire and is with Oneida County Lakes and Rivers Association.

Martini says from what Governor-elect Tony Evers has said during the campaign he thinks the approach by the state toward the environment will be different...

Baldwin Wants Land and Water Conservation Fund Renewed

Sep 12, 2018
U.S. Congress

WAUSAU, WI (WSAU) -- US Senator Tammy Baldwin spent an hour in Wausau this weekj listening to conservation leaders from across the state regarding the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which is set to expire at the end of September.

Baldwin says the money isn't just about protecting natural resources and habitats for wildlife, it's also about protecting the outdoor way of life. "It's vital to our longstanding traditions of sportsmanship, hunting, hiking, and fishing," said Baldwin.

Conservationists Gather In Madison Next Week

Mar 24, 2017
Clean Wisconsin

Each year in early spring, scores of conservationists, hunters, fishers and public-health officials gather in Madison for the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters' annual Lobby Day.

This year, the gathering is  Wed., Mar. 29.

The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin recently disbursed more than $47,000 to projects that protect Wisconsin’s birds throughout the course of their lifecycle.

The Bird Protection Fund supports nine projects that are priorities of the state’s leading bird conservation organizations.

The Foundation's Executive Director Ruth Oppedahl says birds serve as indicators of ecological health, so tracking changes in their populations informs researchers about other changes in the environment...

Northwoods Land Trust

The Northwoods Land Trust reports another successful year preserving lands for future generations.

The Northwoods Land Trust  is a non-profit conservation organization  in Eagle River. They work with property owners, accepting conservation easements on property with natural or scenic resource values. After conservation easement is granted, the land trust provides long-term stewardship following the landowner's wishes.

Ken Krall spoke with Trust Executive Director Bryan Pierce. He says it was a good year.

Live from the White Pine - Laura Erickson

Aug 5, 2013
Peg Arnold

Laura Erickson, creator and host of For the Birds, stopped by the WXPR studios Friday July 26th sharing her Conservation Big Year presentation with bird-loving WXPR members.

A major component of a birding big year is to see and document as many species as possible within the calendar year. Laura describes her objectives.