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While it's too soon to tell how  the second quarter will be because of the COVID pandemic, the first quarter for home builders statewide was reported as positive news.

The latest single-housing permit numbers show a noteworthy increase in quarter one this year as compared to the same time period in 2019. Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA) Executive Director Brad Boycks says this type of increase reflects well on the economy before the pandemic hit..... mvuorenmaa

A UW-Madison Economics professor reported  last week that real estate accounts for a large chunk of Wisconsin's economy, but a number of factors are curtailing growth.

Dr. Mark Eppli penned the report “Impact of Real Estate on Wisconsin’s Economy" for the Wisconsin Realtors Association.

The report finds 15 percent of the state’s Gross Domestic Product is directly attributable to construction and real estate services. This construction and the real estate industry second only to manufacturing in total impact on the state’s economy. It also accounts for 380,000 jobs. DCA360

Two major road construction projects are getting underway in Rhinelander this month and at the same time the state has declared this Work Zone Awareness week.

The city is beginning a three-year project to reconstruct Stevens Street, or Highway 17, from the downtown north. The state is also beginning to construct a roundabout at the Business Highway 8 and state 47 intersection on the city's far west side.

When the work is proceeding, Department of Transportation spokesperson Rob Miller says motorists must be careful when they see the orange construction barrels...

DOT Considers Scaling Back Hwy 51 Construction Plan

Dec 8, 2014

Arbor Vitae may not be seeing changes to a section of Highway 51.

The Department of Transportation may limit a proposed construction project to Woodruff. 

North Central Regional Director Russ Habeck says the project has faced opposition from Arbor Vitae town officials and residents. 

Minocqua 51 Construction Set to Take a Break Soon

Jun 13, 2014
Grant Hollingworth

Construction along Highway 51 is getting closer to completion.  But it will still be jamming up traffic and slowing business for a little while longer. 

“Here in Minocqua and there is lots of construction going on, lots of traffic and heavy equipment, whole lanes are torn up…” 

S Lampkin / US Air Force

A job training program is looking to help women and minorities join the construction trade.   

The Transportation Alliance for New Solutions- or TRANS program - starts later this month.  Coordinator Kim Kircher says the 120-hour course will cover everything from math skills to hands-on use of tools.    

“We try to prepare them for a trade in the construction field.  They have speakers come in – we have contractors come in, they have mock interviews, they do a resume.”

Grant Hollingworth

A main artery into Rhinelander will be closing soon and will be shut down for several weeks.

The city of Rhinelander is doing new utility lines and will extend the work down Kemp Street. Kemp is the southernmost of three bridges over the Wisconsin River in Rhinelander.

Water and Wastewater Superintendent Tim Kingman gives us an update as to closure dates.