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Animal rights groups have criticized a planned predator hunt set for Townsend in Oconto county January 19.

Promoters are billing it as "Wisconsin's Biggest Coyote Hunting Tournament."

While fishing tournaments in Wisconsin are regulated, special hunting tournaments of this type are not says Todd Schaller, Chief Conservation Warden for the DNR.

He describes the rules regarding these tournaments...

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Hunters in Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties and others have a chance to communicate directly with DNR officials during a live online chat Monday. While all topics are open, a spokesperson for the DNR says CWD will be a key topic.

The DNR's Sawyer Briel says key staff will be available...

Hunters around the Northwoods looking for an easy way to learn more about their hobby are reminded to join the Department of Natural Resources staff for live chats throughout the coming months.

Public Affairs Manager for the Fish, Wildlife and Parks division of the DNR, Sawyer Briel says the live chats on the DNR’s website are easy to use.

A long-time Wisconsin tradition ended this week as Governor Walker signed a bill eliminating back tags worn by hunters. Walker signed Senate Bill 289 into law.

The tags were used early on as a way for law enforcement to identify hunters in the field. Proponents of the change say they became obsolete and a burden on hunters. Jeff Nass is the Executive Director of Wisconsin FORCE, or Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs and Educators. He says new systems are in place that makes the tags unnecessary...

Hunters Voice Concerns At Deer Advisory meeting

Jan 22, 2016

The hunting fraternity aired a host of concerns, including the ban on deer baiting, at Thursday’s Vilas County Deer Advisory Council meeting in Conover.

Several citizens complained about low deer numbers, the impact that predators such as coyotes and bobcats have on deer, and a couple voices saying it was time to restrict the number of antlerless deer youth can bag.

Deer feeding and baiting in Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties is now prohibited after a deer killed on a Three Lakes deer farm last December tested positive for chronic wasting disease.

The deer hunt using archery and crossbow gear begins this Saturday in Wisconsin. Next we hear from Jon King, DNR Hunter Education Administrator. Many hunters use tree stands and unfortunately, too many hunters die or are injured when falling from their tree stands. King talked with WXPR's Ken Krall about being safe while hunting...

Many northern Wisconsin counties could see zero-level quotas for antlerless deer for the second year in a row.

County deer advisory councils in Oneida, Vilas, Forest, Iron, and Langlade counties have made preliminary recommendations to give out zero permits for antlerless deer.

Vilas County Deer Advisory Council chair Ken Anderson says the council weighed the fact that even with restrictions…youth, disabled and active military hunters can still obtain an antlerless permit.

County Deer Councils to Set Anterless Permit Levels

Mar 16, 2015

County deer advisory councils will be meeting again this month to help determine antlerless deer quotas. 

DNR wildlife biologist Melinda Nelson says each council will recommend a specific number anterless tags.

“Looking at a variety of metrics including winter severity, 2014 deer harvest numbers and taking public input, and deciding how many antlerless tags they want out on the landscape.”

Nelson says the local management units will make initial recommendations, and then take feedback from the public. 

Michele Woodford / Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

County deer advisory councils will have more flexibility this year, if a permanent rule for changes to the state’s deer management plan goes forward.

Changes thanks to the Deer Trustee Report took effect last season temporarily, and the state Natural Resources Board must act to make them permanent.  

DNR Wildlife Regulation Policy specialist Scott Loomans says continuation of the plan will expand options for County Deer Advisory Councils. 

Council Recommends Increasing Oneida County Deer Herd

Dec 15, 2014
Michele Woodford / Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Oneida County’s Deer Advisory Council is asking for an increase in the deer herd for the next three years. 

The council met last week to finalize its first round of recommendations to the DNR.

As chair Ed Choinski explains, it will be a few months before the council sets specific recommendations for the number of antlerless permits. 

Buck Harvest Down For Northern Region and Statewide

Nov 24, 2014
Michele Woodford / Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Hunters registered more than ten thousand bucks in the northern district during opening weekend.  That’s down by about 12 percent compared to last year according to the DNR’s preliminary figures.

DNR Wildlife Biologist Jeremy Holtz says part of the decline is likely due to last winter’s taking a toll on the herd. 

Archery Season Set to Open Will Be Buck-Only For Many

Sep 11, 2014
Michele Woodford / Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

As deer hunters know well, the archery season opens Saturday in Wisconsin.

It will be a unique deer hunting season with a set of new regulations in place, and buck-only hunts in most northern counties.

Deer hunters may face some adjustments when they head out into the woods this weekend. 

As DNR Warden Supervisor Dave Walz explains, a variety of changes are taking effect thanks to the deer trustee rule package.  For one, deer management units now tend to follow county lines, instead of highway or river boundaries like they often did before. 

DNR Says No Does For Hunters Up North

May 15, 2014
Michele Woodford / Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The DNR is proposing a buck-only hunt for most northern counties.  That’s in response to a harsh winter and high deer mortality.

DNR Big Game Ecologist Kevin Wallenfang says not hunting does will give the deer herd a chance to rebound.

On the eve of the 2013 Wisconsin gun deer hunt, WXPR's Ken Krall talked with DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp, a new deer hunter herself, about the upcoming hunt.

Stepp says they are working to have a app ready for smartphones that relates to the hunt. More information is on the DNR website.

Rhinelander Daily News, November 19, 1942

Wisconsin’s gun deer season is approaching.  It’s a time when many hunters across the state look forward to getting away from the pressures of work, spending time in the woods.  

But as WXPR’s Bob Willging relates in today’s History Afield essay, the 1942 murder of a conservation warden in Florence County had deer hunters in northeast Wisconsin anything but relaxed.

In the autumn of 1942, America was becoming deeply involved in World War II.