Don Waller


A retired UW-Madison professor believes Wisconsin has a crisis in deer management.

During a presentation at the Science in the Northwoods conference this month in Woodruff, Don Waller, the former John Curtis Professor of Botany and Environmental Studies, said the state has about two million deer.

That’s more than any time in about 10,000 years.

It’s an issue because deer eat about seven pounds of plants per day..

Seeing the Forest for the Deer

Nov 5, 2013
Ken Thomas

This month, the informal conversation series Science on Tap takes on the controversial subject of deer management.  Don Waller and Tim Van Deelen will talk about deer from the perspective of forest health.  

WXPR’s Natalie Jablonski spoke to Don Waller on the phone.  He’s a researcher at the University of Wisconsin Madison’s Department of Botany.

Waller will be joined by wildlife ecologist Tim Van Deelen at Science on Tap…Wednesday night at the Minocqua Brewing Company.