Emily Bright

Pickleball Sweeps The Northwoods!

Jul 23, 2015
Emily Bright

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport among Americans over 55. Many of the towns in our listening area have pickleball courts and frequent playtimes. From its playful beginning to a multi-state tournament, Emily Bright takes a look at a sport that has many retirees out on the courts.

Genealogy: Northwoods Family Stories

May 14, 2015

Sometimes a family's history has some interesting stories. WXPR's Emily Bright tells us sometimes there are stories in a family's past that are very unusual. This feature comes in two parts: Act 1: A Prohibition Mystery and Act 2: The Matchmaking Photograph.

This is the first of some Northwoods family stories...and perhaps yours could be a part of that, too. If you want to have your genealogy story told, contact Emily Bright at 715-362-6000.

Boathouses: New Book Celebrates Northwoods Fixture

May 14, 2015
Tom Freeman

In their heyday in the earlier part of the 1900s, boathouses were far more than just a place to store your boat. Now more than 30 years have passed since new boathouses have been built. Emily Bright spoke to one Manitowish Waters man dedicated to documenting this unique Northwoods architecture....


The Unlikely Pull of the Cranberry

Sep 30, 2014
Andrew Leahy

  My town of Eagle River has a population of 1398. If our town’s population were a year, we’d still be in the Middle Ages. So it’s that much more amazing that every year 40,000 people show up on the first weekend of October for Cranberry Fest. 40,000 people drive across the state and beyond to engage in a frenzy over a little red berry that hardly anyone eats raw.

Trees for Tomorrow staff


The year is 1944. While WWII rages abroad, manufacturers at home strain to keep up the supply of resources. Nine paper and utility companies in northern Wisconsin look at the felled forests around them and decide to form an organization to ensure that there will still be resources for the future.

Emily Bright

When Emily Bright decided to get her Masters of Fine Arts degree in poetry, she expected that it would prepare her for a career of teaching and writing. What she didn’t expect was that being a poet would teach her how to be a good parent.  Today in the first of our series “Poets on Poetry,” Bright tells us the story.  

Nancy and Quincy: A Therapy Dog Story

Feb 18, 2014
Emily Bright / WXPR News

For many people, dogs are a source of comfort and friendship.  Nancy Diepenbrock believed so strongly in the power of a dog’s presence, she helped start a therapy dog program here in the Northwoods.  

"Everybody knows Quincy," said Diepenbrock. "They can’t remember my name. As a matter of fact last week one of the kids called me Mrs. Quincy."