fair maps

Wikimedia Commons Lisacheese

Earlier this month, Governor Evers announced the processes for The People’s Maps Commission, a nonpartisan redistricting commission charged with drawing fair, impartial legislative maps following the 2020 U.S. Census.

As had been the common practice, the majority party draws the voting district boundaries.

In 2010, Republicans wrote maps that have been questioned all the way to the Supreme Court. In other decades, Democrats were accused of the same action.

Ken Krall spoke with Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes about the process...


Lincoln County

Near the end of his 35-minute State of the State speech on Wednesday night, Gov. Tony Evers looked into the gallery and asked a Merrill-area man to stand.

“In 2017, Hans, who is a dairy farmer and Lincoln County board supervisor, introduced a resolution supporting nonpartisan redistricting, kicking off a trend across our state,” Evers said.

A moment later, Evers announced he would form a nonpartisan redistricting commission to draw new legislative maps after this year’s census is complete.