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Gas prices have risen as we approach the upper Midwest's mid-summer time, but still are below levels of recent years.

Following the shutdown of much of the economy in March and April, gas prices plunged to a dollar-a-gallon levels in this region. At the same time Saudi Arabia and Russia had an oil exporter dispute and were producing as much oil as possible which flooded the market. That has changed. Oil production was cut and the economy slowly opened.

Wisconsin AAA spokesperson Nick Jarmusz says gas prices have risen... Clker-Free-Vector-Images

Wisconsin has the distinction of having the lowest gas prices in the nation.

A survey by the website found the average price is $1.42 for a gallon of unleaded, down 15 cents since last week. One station in Waukesha is under a dollar a gallon. Oil-producer Oklahoma is behind Wisconsin in second at $1.45 per gallon.

Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says with schools and businesses shut down, the demand for gasoline has plummeted.

Besides lower demand, DeHaan says the second and third top oil producing nations, Saudi Arabia..

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As you fill up your tank at gas stations in the Northwoods, keep in mind that not all that far away, gas customers are paying considerably less.

The website gasbuddy. com tracks gas prices in all 50 states, and has observers in most Northwoods communities.

Senior Petroleum Analyst for Gas Buddy Patrick DeHaan says gas prices are headed down... JillWellington

Gas prices are holding for the 4th of July according to a spokesperson for the gas watchdog website gas 

Senior Petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan outlines the state prices...

"...Across Wisconsin, most gas stations are starting to increase prices slightly, depending on where you are. If your heading south to Kenosha, prices are a little bit lower, heading west to Minnesota prices are more expensive. In most cases, we're encountering prices from $2.65-$2.80 a gallon..." Skitterphoto


Two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman were attacked Thursday causing markets to get uneasy about the incident.

As groups work to find out what happened and who is behind it, a Senior Petroleum Analyst for the website says consumers should not over react.

Patrick DeHaan says the attack happened at a critical point in the Middle East...

Thompson Sees Changes In Markup Law, Gas Tax Hike

Mar 9, 2019
Michael Leischner WSAU

WAUSAU, WI (WSAU) -- New Transportation Secretary Craig Thompson spent Thursday morning in Wausau touring the city's Metro Ride bus service and potential road projects as he dives into his new job.

Thompson praised the city's bus system but knows there is more that can be done to make it better, which is where Governor Tony Evers' proposal to increase the budget the department comes into play. AbsoluteVision

Enjoy the lower gas prices now, because an industry expert thinks we'll see prices close to a dollar a gallon higher by summer.

Head of petroleum analysis for the website gasbuddy. com, Patrick DeHaan, says after rising through the fall, gas prices in the Northwoods have fallen...

The good news is gas prices have fallen. The bad news is not as much here as elsewhere. Senior Petroleum analyst for the website Patrick DeHaan...

While gas prices are falling in most parts of the country, Northwoods stations are slower to react.

Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan of the gas-price website says statewide gas prices have recently fallen 8 cents per gallon.

The statewide average is $2.77 a gallon for unleaded regular.

He checked his board and had this assessment...

After the loss of gas refinery production due to Hurricane Harvey, production has slowly come back on line and gas prices are falling.

That's the word from Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan at the website

"....gas prices continue to move down. We've seen the national average go down for the fifth consecutive week and that's what we're seeing across much of the Midwest....seeing prices continue to move down after Hurricane Harvey...."

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Gas prices are moving up again as the warmer weather driving months appoach.

Senior Petroleum analyst for the website gas buddy dot com....Patrick DeHaan  gives us an update....

".....prices across Wisconsin, $2.40 a gallon. Prices are a couple cents higher than that in Rhinelander with most prices at $2.42. We're looking at prices that are about 20 cents higher than a month ago. We've continued to see prices advance. This is the time of the year we generally see gas prices go up....."

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The holiday Grinch has arrived at the gas pumps, as prices are rising before two travel weekends coming up.

Senior Petroleum analyst at the website, Patrick DeHaan, says the recent cold weather was a factor in prices going up a few cents at the pump....

"....the extreme cold over the last week has resulted in at least temporarily refinery 'glitches' that should be resolved in the next week or so. At least for now it's impacting the price of gasoline locally...."

A few weeks ago, petroleum industry analysts were predicting gas prices would continue a steady decline for the rest of the year. That prediction proved to be wrong this week with the discovery that several gas refineries in the Midwest have shut down for maintenance.

Petroleum analyst for the website, Patrick DeHaan says scheduled and unscheduled refinery maintenance will put a spike in pump prices...

Decreasing Gas Prices for Labor Day Weekend

Sep 2, 2015

 One year ago, motorists were complaining the price of gasoline for Labor Day travel was high. This year, not so much.

That's the assessment of a petroleum analyst for the website .

Patrick DeHaan says prices in Wisconsin are averaging $2.56. down from $3.44 one year ago.

DeHaan says it's a matter of supply and demand...

No that isn't an illusion you're seeing at Northwoods gas stations. Gas prices are dropping and prices here are at that state average of $2.69 a gallon for regular unleaded.

Senior Petroleum Analyst for the website gasbuddy. com ,Patrick DeHaan,  says ample supply is keeping prices down even during the peak travel season...

"....a lot of it really at the hands of a drop in crude oil prices. Over the last week and a half, the price has dropped from $10 a barrel, currently at $47 dollars a barrel. Because of that big decline, the price of gasoline has followed...."