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Wisconsin's debate over the next state budget is far from over, but the spending plan outlined by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has strong support from advocates of older residents.

Helen Marks Dicks, state issues advocacy director for AARP Wisconsin, said her group was encouraged to see provisions like a tax credit for family caregivers as well as $200 million to enhance broadband internet access.


  Gov. Tony Evers wants to spend $2.4 billion on building projects across 31 counties in Wisconsin over the next two years, with nearly a half of that going toward projects across the University of Wisconsin System.

Evers released his capital budget proposal on Monday. The state building commission is slated to vote on it next month, which would then send the plan to the Legislature’s budget committee which will then decide what to fund.

Governor Tony Evers says his budget plan will help Wisconsin “Bounce Back” and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

He laid out his $91 billion state budget in an address Tuesday night. Evers started his address by acknowledging the worry many Wisconsinites are facing.

“Well, tonight, Wisconsin, I want to tell you this: it’s going to be ok. We are going to be ok,” said Evers.

Evers laid out what he called his “Badger Bounceback” agenda to help the state recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Gov. Tony Evers plans to call on the Republican-controlled Legislature to join him in passing a two-year budget he is presenting as a “bounce back” plan to help the state recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Evers released excerpts from his speech before he was to deliver it in a pre-recorded message to the Legislature on Tuesday evening.

Evers planned to pitch his two-year state budget to the Legislature as a “Badger Bounceback” agenda as the coronavirus pandemic enters its second year.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers says his budget plan will include a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana.

The idea will likely be blocked by the Republican-controlled Legislature, but it could be a catalyst to allow the use of medical marijuana.

Evers says the recreational marijuana measure could generate $166 million in revenue.

That revenue would then be used to help fund rural schools and programs for marginalized communities.

Wisconsin is among a minority of states that have not legalized marijuana use in some form.

Gov. Tony Evers says his two-year state budget will include $43 million in spending designed to help the state’s rural economy.

The Democratic Evers will submit his budget to the Republican-controlled Legislature on Feb. 16, which will take the next several months rewriting it before passing their version sometime in the summer.

Evers’ plan released Friday includes many of the recommendations made by a commission he created that submitted a report in December.

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 As Black History Month begins, 30 people have been appointed to a council, which will recommend diversity and inclusion practices for Wisconsin state government.

Gov. Tony Evers says local decisions on whether to do online learning in the face of the pandemic have been “messy” but isn't offering any advice on what Wisconsin schools should do next semester.

Evers' administration has left it up to individual school districts to decide whether to hold virtual classes or open for in-person instruction in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Concerns about the long-term effects of isolation on children and the effectiveness of online learning have been growing as the pandemic lingers.

Gov. Tony Evers plans to deliver his third State of the State address virtually on Jan. 12, saying the unprecedented move is consistent with his recommendations to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic and limit interactions and gatherings.

Evers also announced Wednesday that he's asked to deliver his state budget address virtually on Feb. 16.

He’s asking the Legislature to convene virtually for both speeches.