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Two Democrats have proposed a bill that closes a loophole that allows making a functional gun from parts you can find on the Internet or other places.

State Senator Jon Erpenbach and Representative Diane Hesselbein, both of Middleton, are proposing closing a loophole in the law.

One year ago a gunman opened fire in a Middleton workplace using a pieced-together weapon sometimes called a 'ghost gun'. Senator Erpenbach explains...

Ben Meyer/WXPR

Gov. Tony Evers will call lawmakers into a special session to act on gun violence next month, saying it’s needed to save lives.

He announced the move in a swing of stops, including Wausau, on Monday.

“These are common-sense solutions that we know can save lives because they have already done so in states that have adopted them.  It’s that simple,” Evers said in Wausau.  “Two bills that we know, without a doubt, without ambiguity, this is what the majority of the people in the state want.”