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If you enrolled in Affordable Care Act health insurance for 2019, you can renew, change, or update your plan for 2020 until Sunday, December 15.

Secretary-designee of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Andrea Palm, says time is drawing short if you want coverage....

"We are working to raise awareness of the availability of plans all over the state and the availability particularly of local community navigators that can help folks work through the process, get all the way to enrollment in a plan that works for their family...."

Ascension Health Care

A collaboration between Ascension and two technical colleges is designed to get more trained workers to help meet local healthcare needs.

The state announced a grant of $112,000 last week, to be used by Ascension health care, Nicolet College and North Central Technical College. The grant is for two years.

Michelle Hartness  is Medical Education Supervisor at the Ascension facilities in the Northwoods.

She says to get the grant, they had to collaborate with local educators, in this case the local technical colleges, to provide advanced training...

Money and Time: Easing the Caregiving Burden in WI

Nov 26, 2018
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MADISON, Wis. - November is National Family Caregivers Month, which honors those whose invaluable contributions allow older Wisconsinites to age in place in their homes. 

Efforts are underway to develop measures that can better support caregivers every month of the year.

Ascension Health Care

Community members, staff and leaders gathered in Tomahawk Thursday  to note 125 years of service by Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital to the community.

The tradition of the hospital dates to 1893 when the pastor at St. Mary's parish in Tomahawk learned the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother were planning a hospital in Rhinelander. He successfully made the case Tomahawk needed a hospital too. In 2013, the facilities of Ministry Health Care joined Ascension. Nick Youngson - link to -

A study by a group that has long advocated for the Affordable Care Act says the plan known as Trumpcare could cost much more.

Kevin Kane from Citizen Action of Wisconsin say they looked at the tax credit changes.

He says someone with a current Affordable Health Care policy will be paying much more..

Men's Health Month Target: "Silent Health Crisis"

Jun 9, 2017
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MADISON, Wis. - According to the Men's Health Network, there is a silent health crisis in America: On average, American men are sicker and die younger than American women.

Wisconsin Democrats Push Health Care Protection Package

May 26, 2017
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MADISON, Wis. - As Republicans in Washington continue to pursue their "repeal and replace" strategy regarding the Affordable Care Act with the introduction of the American Health Care Act, Wisconsin Democrats have introduced a series of bills they call the Wisconsin Health Care Protection Package.

They say the bills are designed to make sure that no matter what happens in Washington, Wisconsinites will have access to affordable health care. The American Health Care Act allows states to make decisions about things such as pre-existing conditions.

A U.S. House vote on the GOP plan to replace the Affordable Care Act prompted Wisconsin advocates of the Affordable Care Act into action this week.

The liberal advocacy group Citizen Action of Wisconsin released a report showing an older person in the Northwoods might pay up to 10 times more for coverage as corresponding tax credits go down under the GOP plan.

Dr. Robert Kraig uses as an example a 64 year old man making $26,000 a year...

BadgerCare Referendums Draw Strong Support

Nov 5, 2014

Despite big Republican wins in Wisconsin elections Tuesday, voters went against the party line in supporting referendums on whether the state should accept federal Medicaid funds. 

Nineteen counties and the city of Kenosha had the question on the ballot, and all passed it with substantial margins.

69 percent of Oneida County voters said yes, the state should accept the federal dollars, with 70 percent in Iron County and 67 percent in Lincoln also voting in favor of the measure.

Health Exchange Gains Momentum, and Critics

Dec 12, 2013
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More people are signing up for health insurance through the federal health exchange, now that some of the website’s bugs have been fixed.  But not everyone’s finding it easy…or affordable. 

Alicia Cook is a certified application assistant at Aspirus Grandview in Ironwood, Michigan.  That means she helps people in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula sign up for health insurance. She says two months into the open enrollment period, people are just starting to come to her for help.