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The Northwoods might be the exception, but other portions of Wisconsin are seeing upward pressure put on home prices as the number of single-family homes faces a shortage.

The monthly report by Wisconsin Realtors Association shows statewide sales continue to be brisk, nearly matching last November's strong sales.

Economist David Clark works with the Association. Median prices were up about 7 percent..

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The Northwoods continues to be a top bargain for home buyers as the rest of Wisconsin is finding a sellers market and rising prices.

October existing home sales fell 2 percent compared to last October, and the median selling price rose 5 percent to $182,500. Through the first 10 months of the year, home sales also fell 2 percent compared to a year ago, and median prices were up 6.4 percent to $184,000.

Economist David Clark works with the Wisconsin Realtors Association.

He says consumers have money to spend on housing...

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Home sales are a key indicator of the economy. Wisconsin's realtors are seeing fewer homes to sell, interest rates are inching up and prices are increasing.

Wisconsin Realtors Association economist David Clark says a tightening inventory in urban areas has caused a problem...

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State realtors say despite low inventories of houses on the market in urban areas, both home sales and median prices finished the summer ahead of last year.

The Wisconsin Realtors Association releases a monthly update and economist David Clark says home sales in August set a record, running slightly ahead of sales last August , making it the strongest August for home sales since 2005. Year-to-date sales are also at their highest level, with more than 55,000 homes sold through August this year.

Clark says tightening inventories are bringing prices up....


After several months of upward growth in Wisconsin's realty markets, February numbers were reported to be down. overall.

Wisconsin Realty Association reports home sales fell 2.6 percent in February relative to February, 2016 numbers but the median price rose 6 percent nearly $155,000 over that same period. Realtors economist David Clark says February traditionally is a down month for selling homes. He says even with the season, the number of homes for sale is dropping. In urban counties, inventories are down to 3.4 months, and in rural counties, it's over seven months.


Wisconsin's housing market could set a record high this year according to an analysis by Wisconsin Realtors Association. September home sales were up 7 percent from one year ago.

Association spokesperson...economist David Clark...says more and more homes are being sold...

"...last year we had about 76,000 sales. This year we're on pace for about 80,000 sales. It's definitely been a strong year for sales....."

Clark says a stable economy is helping to fuel more home sales...


An improving economy is helping fuel a growth in home sales and prices in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Realtors Association reported sales in April of this year were up 16 percent from last year and median prices were about 10 percent higher than one year ago.

Economist David Clark says a combination of more people working, relatively lower cost housing and one other factor all lead to more homes being sold...

"...as you look at the level of interest rates in April, they were about 3.7 percent for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage....

Northern Home Sales Jump In February

Mar 23, 2015

Northern home sales shot up in February, compared to that month last year, by almost 17 percent. 

That’s better than the statewide average, which showed a less than two percent rise…according to numbers from the Wisconsin Realtors Association.

Economist Dave Clark says a milder winter may have helped the market.  

“We’re really comparing to a February last year that was pretty weak.  We had that long cold winter, and you know spring came a lot later than it typically does.”

Northern Wisconsin Homes Sales Outpace State in 2014

Jan 19, 2015

December wasn’t a great month for home sales in northern Wisconsin, but the region still managed to exceed its total sales volume from the previous year. 

Sales in northern Wisconsin dropped by more than 7 percent in December compared to that month in 2013.  But this part of the state came out ahead when looking at the year as a whole, with sales up about one percent according to the Wisconsin Realtors Association. 

Those gains are the strongest of any region in Wisconsin.

As we approach the end of the year, Northern Wisconsin’s housing market is looking good compared to 2013.

Sales in this part of the state are up about 1.6 percent so far this year. 

That’s the opposite of the statewide trend, which is lagging behind last year’s sales by about two percent. 

Economist Dave Clark says the numbers in northern Wisconsin show a small but solid improvement. 

Northern Home Sales Outpace Rest of State And Surpass 2013

Nov 18, 2014

Strong sales in October have put northern Wisconsin’s housing market ahead of where it was last year. 

Though sales had been lagging behind 2013 numbers, a burst of activity in October helped put the northern region about two percent over where it was at this time last year. 

Economist Dave Clark says more available housing stock is also helping other rural parts of the state do well. 

Northern Home Sales Steady in September

Oct 20, 2014

Home sales last month were similar to sales last September.  The latest numbers from the Wisconsin Realtors Association show a half a percent increase in September sales for northern Wisconsin.  Meanwhile sales statewide fell slightly by just two tenths of a percentage point. 

Economist Dave Clark says it’s good news that the market is keeping up with last year’s strong sales. 

Home Sales Rise For First Time in 2014

Jul 21, 2014

Home sales were up last month for the first time this year.  According to the Wisconsin Realtors Association, over 4 percent more homes sold in Wisconsin in June than in that month last year.

In the northern part of the state, that increase is a little higher – with sales up more than five percent. 

Housing sales for the year to date are still behind compared to 2013, thanks to five consecutive months of lower sales.

Economist Dave Clark says it’s a good time to see a turnaround. 

Home Sales Remain Slow, Despite Warmer Temps

Jun 23, 2014

For the fifth month in a row Wisconsin’s housing market is looking sluggish compared to last year.

Numbers from the Wisconsin Realtors Association show statewide sales fell almost seven percent in May, compared to 2013.  In the Northern part of the state sales dropped by less than four percent, though the region has seen slower sales for 2014 as a whole.    

Marquette University Economist David Clark says the May numbers reveal that the weather hasn’t been the only factor dampening home sales this year. 

Winter Hinders Housing Market in April

May 20, 2014

Home sales compared to last year dropped for the fourth straight month in April, with the trend more dramatic in the northern part of the state.

According to the Wisconsin Realtors Association…northern home sales in April were down more than 17 percent compared to April of last year.  Statewide the drop was almost 12 percent. 

CEO of the Wisconsin Realtors Association Mike Theo says even though it’s getting warmer…we’re still feeling the effects of a long cold winter.