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MINOCQUA – The addition of the two charter schools for autism students will have a big impact on this year’s Lakeland Union High School annual budget, according to the final draft proposal accepted by the school board Wednesday.

The board meeting was short, just 10 minutes and with few questions, but the board had seen much of the preliminary figures already, as this was the fourth draft prepared by finance director Greg Kopp.

MINOCQUA – The Lakeland Union High School Board of Education voted unanimously Monday to increase its share of pre-opening costs of the two charter schools for autism students by some $80,000.

In a companion move, the governance council that oversees the two charters will cover an additional $30,000 of those costs.

The school board met with the council Monday to hear why costs were higher than expected to renovate the former Nicolet College satellite campus that now serves the two charter schools.

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The Lakeland Union High School District has finally received a school safety grant from the state Department of Justice. Lakeland will receive $39,272, according to the DOJ’s website.

They had applied for $20,464, but instead received the higher amount. Among measures it will finance are new security cameras and special clear laminate material for windows to prevent easy entrance by an intruder.

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MINOCQUA – The Lakeland Union High School District is still in the running for a share of the first round of state school safety grants, according to a spokesperson from the state Department of Justice.

“No one is being denied. Everyone is going to get something,” says DOJ spokesperson Rebecca Ballweg.

MINOCQUA – Additional security measures at Lakeland Union High School are on hold pending another application for a state school safety grant to cover those costs.

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MINOCQUA – Two students at Lakeland Union High School in Minocqua are facing possible criminal charges as well as expulsion hearings for their alleged roles in making separate terror threats at the school.

Board Rejects Proposal For New Stadium Lights At Lakeland

Dec 19, 2017
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MINOCQUA – A proposal to spend more than $313,000 on new stadium lighting for the Lakeland Union High School athletic field failed on a 5-3 vote by the school board Monday.

Administrator/Principal Jim Bouché noted the wooden poles and lighting fixtures were put in about 1980, making them nearly 40 years old. This past fall a transformer slipped its bands because the wooden pole had shrunk. It sent out sparks along wires before it was shut down and repaired.

A Minocqua businessman is leading efforts to preserve and enshrine a panel from the iconic “T-Bird Country” railroad bridge that spans U.S. Highway 51 in Hazelhurst.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) will replace the 88-ton steel structure near Highway D with a new bridge in a few months as part of the U.S. Highway 51 reconstruction project underway. The Bearskin State Recreation Trail runs across the current 58-foot bridge, built in 1938.

Lakeland Unveils New Visitor Check-In System

Feb 16, 2016

A new computerized identification system called Raptor will soon be keeping a sharp eye on the comings and goings of visitors during school hours at Lakeland Union High School.

The Raptor Visitor Management System is replacing the old paper-based sign-in sheet, according to District Administrator/Principal Jim Bouche.

“We need the community to know that when they come in here they are not just going to get the orange badge anymore. They are actually going to get a lanyard with their picture on it and their destination and the time they come into it.”

Energy Saving Projects Approved By LUHS

Jan 26, 2016

The Lakeland Union High School Board has selected a Milwaukee company to act as a general contractor to oversee nearly 40 projects that could save the district $65,000 in energy savings each year for the next two decades.

The district spends over $330,000 annually for electricity and natural gas bills, as well as for related maintenance.

Business Services Director Greg Kopp explains why the timing is right to do the projects:

Solar Panels Possible For LUHS Roof

Dec 14, 2015

A Madison solar company wants to put 8,000 square feet of solar panels on the roof of the Lakeland Union High School and sell the electricity they generate back to the district.

Last week,  the budget committee reviewed SunPeak’s proposal, which could provide a quarter of the district’s annual electrical needs. The district wouldn’t be charged for the equipment and installation. The district would pay 8 cents per kilowatt-hours of energy, 16 percent less than the district’s current rate.

LUHS Officials Say They've Slowed A Fighting Problem

Jul 31, 2015

Some in the community still believe there are daily fights at Lakeland Union High School. Nothing could be further from the truth, says Assistant Principal Justin Szews.

He shed some light on the true situation. Six years ago sixty-five students were called on the carpet for fights. This past school year it was just twenty students. That’s a seventy percent drop in student referrals, Szews said. The number of fights is down seventy-four percent.