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New Wausau Mayor Sworn Into Office

15 hours ago
WAOW Television

New Wausau Mayor Katie Rosenberg took the oath of office Tuesday.

A small ceremony was held for safety reasons, to officially mark the start of Mayor Rosenberg's term. She admits that she knows not everyone voted for her, but she's ready to take on the responsibility.

"The politics is over and now it’s time to get to work for the city of Wausau," Mayor Rosenberg said. "You don’t get to decide who you serve. It’s everyone who lives here, who pays taxes here, who owns a business here.”

We’re heading into November, and that means deer hunting will soon be in full swing. 

It’s a cultural phenomenon in the state, with deeply rooted traditions that go back 100 years or more. While there has been much change in Wisconsin deer hunting over time, controversy and disagreement have never been far away.

In the first of a series we’re calling History Afield, WXPR Contributor Bob Willging has the story of one of the oddest deer hunting political battles of the last century.