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Two Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature are hoping to change the minds of leadership and get a hearing on proposed medical marijuana legislation.

Representative Mary Felzkowski of Tomahawk and State Senator Kathy Bernier of Lake Hallie hope to move their proposal forward. Felzkowski is a cancer survivor and has said in previous media stories that she thinks it would have helped her during her recovery.


A Northwoods cancer survivor hopes to make medical marijuana legal in Wisconsin.

Rep. Mary Felzkowski (R-Irma) is also a state lawmaker, and this week, she introduced a legalization plan.

“I had asked my oncologist how he felt about medical marijuana.  He basically said, ‘Mary, it’s one more tool in the toolbox.’  It may work for you, it might not work for me, it may work for John, it might not work for Sally.  But for those that it can help, with the conditions that they have, I feel we should let them utilize it,” Felzkowski said.

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The name of the shop caught Mark Kerznar’s attention.

“It’s called Glazed and Confused,” he said.  “I’m sitting there, I’m going, ‘It’s called what?’”

The sign, including a logo of a donut with red eyes flashing a peace sign, put it over the top.

“In talking to the Sheriff, he figured we were going to see, pardon my French, we were going to see a real s***storm heading our way.  We’re a border county,” Kerznar said.