Mike McCabe

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Tony Evers gets sworn in later today as Wisconsin's next Governor.

Ken Krall had a chance to speak with one of the many candidates who ran against Evers before being eliminated in the Democratic primary last August.

Mike McCabe, the founder of the political movement Blue Jean Nation, tossed his hat into the ring....

McCabe campaign

Gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe says he thinks the state's Democratic Party pulled a "Bernie Sanders" on him. A party spokesperson denies this is what happened.

Mike McCabe is running in the Democratic primary, though he says he has never formally joined any political party.

He says he established a campaign to run on the Democratic ticket....

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Earlier this week another candidate entered the race for Governor, a political outsider who will run as a Democrat.

Mike McCabe spent 15 years working for campaign and political reform with the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. He later founded "Blue Jean Nation", a grassroots political organization designed to reform government. He announced his intention this week at the family farm in Clark county that he was running for Governor.

He says the public has to rise up and change what he calls a corrupt political system.

For many years, Mike McCabe headed the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, an organization primarily devoted to allowing people without large money to continue to have a seat at the political table.

McCabe no longer heads the organization, but has written a book titled "Blue Jeans In High Places, The Coming Makeover Of American Politics". His book raises questions about  the current state of politics, the failings of both major parties, and a blueprint for a different future.

McCabe will be in the Northwoods this weekend. He talked with Ken Krall about the book.