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The Northland Pines school board received the annual bullying report for the last school year showing bullying still exists among elementary and middle school students.

Bullying data is collected and reviewed each year and staff are trained to recognize and react to bullying events according to Director of Pupil Services Emily Rhode. “This last year we had 11 incidents of bullying, six in elementary schools and five in middle school,” Rhode told the board. “Nine cases were reported verbally, one by anonymous online, and one was a parent reporting.”

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At a special meeting of the Northland Pines school board recently they  discussed options for improving Pleasure Island Road resulting in a consensus to meet with the Eagle River city council, who owns the road, and “have a conversation” according to board president David Weber.  The road runs in front of the school complex.

Pines District Administrator Scott Foster compiled a list of five options and reminded the board the city has improved certain sections and twice applied for grants and twice were turned down.

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Update 5/2/2019: The display was only given a first-draft review by the school board and was not given approval by the board, according to school officials.


A proposal to build a six-piece display to honor Northland Pines alumni who have served the nation was presented to y the school board last week.

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There is no statewide primary election Tuesday, but there is one ballot that will draw interest in the Northwoods.

Northland Pines voters will have a choice whether to approve a $4.6 million operating referendum.

District Administrator Scott Foster in an earlier interview with WXPR explained the funding referendum..

A Northland Pines student was taken into custody after the discovery of a facsimile gun in a bathroom at the school.

The Vilas County Sheriff’s Department reports Friday morning, the school’s Resource Deputy received information that a gun was hidden in a bathroom at the middle and high school. The facsimile pistol was found to be a look alike to a handgun. This type of gun is constructed of plastic and metal pieces. It is commonly referred to as an airsoft gun and does not meet the definition of a firearm.

There was a soft lockdown at the school.

A special meeting of the Northland Pines school board of education into an employment investigation is expected to continue this week after no decision was reached last week after a three hour session.

According to board president David Weber of St. Germain, the purpose of the meeting was “to discuss an employment investigation and we have not reached any conclusion . . . it's still open.”

There were 10 reports of bullying by students last year in the Northland Pines school district according to a report to the school board by pupil services director Emily Rhode.

Rhode said none of the 10 incidents were repeats by the same student and all incidents happened in less structured locations. According to Rhode, “bullying” is the deliberate or intentional words or actions that cause fear, intimidation, or harm and may be serious enough to negatively impact a students educational, emotional, or physical well being.

Two Longtime Northland Pines Board Members Retire

Mar 23, 2018
Northland Pines School District

Two new faces will be on the Northland Pines school board after the next election when current board chairwoman Holly McCormack and John Sarama chose not to run.

At the board meeting last Monday both indicated it was well worth their time to be on the Northland Pines school board. District Administrator Mike Richie said it “was a sad day to lose two outstanding board members each with nine years of service to the district.”

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“Teachers are trained to teach!”

That statement from Northland Pines school district administrator Mike Richie is  his view on suggestions teachers should be able to carry firearms as a result of the recent shooting in Florida that killed 14 students and three staff members. 

Northland Pines School District

A report on bullying and random drug testing to the Northland Pines school board found a total of 12 bullying incidents and nine random drug tests with all drug tests negative.

Bullying increased slightly from the previous school year with a small decrease involving students with disabilities. During the prior school year there were nine incidents of bullying with six involving kids with disabilities. This past year there were 12 incidents with five involving students with disabilities. Three students with special needs were victims and two with special needs were offenders.

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A bill circulating in Madison to eliminate the mandatory post-September 1st school start has a seen opposing viewpoints from Northwoods Chambers of Commerce.

The bill would allow school districts to begin school without having to wait until the end of the traditional summer season which is closer to Labor Day.

Executive Director of the Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce, Theresa Smith, says people in the tourism industry need the last few days of August to help their businesses.

She says they already take a hit when Chicago schools start in August..

Northland Pines To Enroll International Students

Feb 7, 2017
Northland Pines School District

Northland Pines school district has received notification they have been officially qualified to enroll international students for grades 10, 11, and 12 in partnership with the Wisconsin International Student Program and Nicolet College, according the district administrator Mike Richie.

This will allow students from all over the world being invited to attend Northland Pines high school and Nicolet College, earning dual credits transferable to the UW system in their junior and senior years, Richie said.

Pines Early School Start Denied

Jan 25, 2017
Northland Pines School District

The Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction (DPI) officially notified the Northland Pines School District their petition to start school prior to September 1 next fall has been denied.

The school wanted to start Monday, August 28. DPI director of content and learning team, Rebecca Vail, explains "approval is linited under the statute to 'extraordinary reasons' defined in the administrative code."

Northland Pines Asks State For Earlier Start Date

Dec 20, 2016
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Pointing to local control, the Northland Pines school board Monday night approved sending a resolution to the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction (DPI) "officially requesting approval to commence the school term prior to Sept. 1 . . . in determining the school calendar."

District administrator Mike Richie told the board he was not ready to recommend going against the state law that mandates local school districts to start classes on Sept. 1 or later. "I'm not willing to put the district in jeopardy that we would be breaking the law," Richie said.

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Northland Pines School District in Eagle River will likely welcome international students on campus beginning next fall.

The Wisconsin International Student Program (WISP) is a partnership between Northland Pines School District, Nicolet College and the University of Wisconsin System.