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ATV/UTV Trails across the Northwoods are starting to open.

Oneida County will be opening its trail system this Friday starting at 8:00 a.m.

The Forestry Department will also be opening the Enterprise Campground at that time.

The Iron County ATV/UTV Trail system will also be opening Friday.

Lincoln, Vilas, Langlade, Forest County ATV trails are already open.

Price County trails open at different times. Some opened May 1. Others will be opening May 15.

In February, board members approved a resolution recognizing March 2021 Social Work Month declaring social workers as heroic and essential.

But before passing the resolution, the board removed language saying Social workers “heal our nation during these times of pandemic, racial unrest, economic uncertainty and political divisiveness.”


With the snow melted and the occasional warmer day, many of us have been itching to get out on the trail. But unless it’s one close to home, it can be hard to know what kind of trail conditions you’re going to find.

A new tool from Travel Wisconsin could help with that.

Like its snowmobile and cross-country skiing reports, the state tourism office now has a hiking and biking trail report.


The Northwoods is home to dozens of mountain biking trails.

The Lakeland Area Mountain Biking Organizations, or LAMBO, is working on a new trail feature it hopes will get more people interested in the sport.

LAMBO is aiming to finish building the Minocqua area’s first pump track by this fall.

For those not familiar with pump tracks, think of a looped trail with a series of little hills and some banked turns. It’s designed to be ridden without pedaling, instead pumping your bike to propel yourself forward.

Iron Mountain VA Medical Center

As COVID-19 vaccinations ramp up in Wisconsin, spread of the virus is still a concern.

The Department of Health Services is reporting another 537 cases and two more deaths Thursday.

The 7-day average of new cases is up slightly at 479 cases per day.

DHS Deputy Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk says that’s definitely better than November when we were averaging more than 6,000 cases a day, but it’s still not great.

Wisconsin DNR

Warning Note: Some people may find the language in the text and audio of this story offensive. WXPR has chosen to say the name of the lake so that it’s clear which lake name is being changed and as an educational tool for the derogatory term.

A lake in Western Oneida and Vilas Counties will likely be getting a new name.

The Wisconsin Geographic Names Council voted to approve the name change and send it to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names.

The reason for the name change is because the current name for the lake is derogatory toward Native American women.

Iron Mountain VA Medical Center

Starting next week, vaccinations will be increasing significantly.

The next eligible group in Wisconsin includes more than two million people.

DHS Deputy Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk told reporters last week that the state is increasing eligibility because vaccine supply is increasing.

“We’re talking about 400,000 to 500,000 doses a week in the coming weeks,” said Willems Van Dijk. “We need all hands on deck cause this is going to be the point where there’s a lot of vaccine and lots of demand and we need lots of vaccinators administering it.”


As we quickly approach pothole season, many drivers will be paying closer attention to road conditions.

The Oneida County Highway Department says it doesn’t get enough funding to keep pace with road repairs.

The Oneida County Highway Department has 172 miles of county highway it needs to reconstruct every 20 years.

That comes out to about 8.6 miles of road each year.

And over the years the cost to repair them has gone up.

In 2005, it cost about $76,000 to repair one mile. In 2014, that cost rose to $180,000 a mile.


Snowmobile trails across the Northwoods are starting to close as the forecast calls for temperatures in the 50s this week.

Oneida County will close its trails at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 9.

Vilas County trails close at midnight Monday.

Lincoln, Langlade, and Forest County Trails are already closed.

In a statement Oneida County said, “The Oneida County Forestry Department would like to thank all the snowmobile clubs and volunteers for their hard work and dedication in keeping our trails safe and in great shape despite the challenges of a short season.”

Oneida County Seeing Increase in Elderly Deaths

Feb 23, 2021

Oneida County is seeing an increase of deaths involving the elderly this winter.

The deaths come from falls both inside and outside the home, as well as from natural causes.

The sheriff's office posted on their Facebook page asking for people to check on their senior neighbors and family members who may live alone.

Oneida County Health Department Facebook

The Oneida County Health Department has got its system down.

People make an appointment, they drive up to Grace Foursquare Church, and get handed a buzzer like you’d find at restaurants while you’re waiting for a table.

When it’s your turn the buzzer goes off, you go inside, and several tables are set up with people ready to give you your shot.

Once vaccinated, you wait for 15 minutes in a chair that’s six feet from any others and you’re on your way.

This process has allowed the Health Department to vaccinate roughly 55 people an hour.

Erin Gottsacker/WXPR

The Oneida County Forestry, Land and Recreation Committee has been planning to sell a portion of Town Line Lake Park since 2018.

Now, members of the public are speaking out against the sale.

This week, the Oneida County Forestry, Land and Recreation Committee tabled a resolution to sell a portion of Town Line Lake Park.

That means they won’t decide whether or not to move forward with the sale until their meeting in May.

The decision to table the resolution came after a number of community members expressed opposition to the sale.


This weekend’s snow was enough to open snowmobile trails in Oneida County.

The Oneida County Snowmobile Council voted to open the trails earlier this month before rescinding that decision after more consideration of trail conditions.

The trails will now officially open at noon on Tuesday, January 26.

The Oneida County Forestry, Land, and Recreation Department says trails are still in rough, early season condition.

Snowmobilers should not onto lakes until the trail is clearly marked by barrels.

Oneida County Sheriff's Office

A correctional officer with the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office has been arrested on charges involving women incarcerated at the jail.

Jacob Petit, 26, was arrested for Solicitation of Prostitution and Misconduct in Public Office. Petit is employed by the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office, according to a news release from the Sheriff’s Office.

The arrest was made Monday in coordination with the Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Justice-Division of Criminal Investigation.

Katie Thoresen/WXPR

Oneida County Snowmobile Trails will not be opening Saturday.

Thursday, the County Forestry Department said the council had voted to open the trails.

Now it’s saying it is reversing the decision. The department says the decision was based on further consideration and evaluation of the trails.

There is no new date for when the trails might open.