Oneida County Economic Development Corp.

The Oneida County Economic Development Corporation hopes small businesses will take advantage of a special COVID-19 grant relief program that opens soon.

The state of Wisconsin is giving out 30,000 individual COVID-19 grants to small businesses across the state. Each grant is for $2,500.

Oneida County Economic Development Corporation Interim Director Jeff Verdoorn said these small businesses make up the backbone of the county’s economy. About 85 percent of county businesses have fewer than 20 employees.

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Voters in April will see a statewide question whether the office of Treasurer be removed as a Constitutional entity and eliminate the office. There have been many attempts to end the office, billed by politicians as an unneeded office. Many of the duties have been farmed out to other agencies.


Oneida County Economic Development Director Roger Luce was putting the final touches on a grant application Thursday that, if approved, could have a large impact on some underserved broadband areas.

The grant application is for more than $400,000 with a local fund match of more than $180,000. Luce says the project will add new equipment on existing Oneida county towers and , if approved, will impact a much larger portion of Oneida county that is underserved....

Vilas County Economic Development Corporation

Business incubators have been started in at least two Northwoods counties and Oneida county might also be looking into it.

An incubator works by putting several mostly new small businesses in one building, sharing relatively low rent and utilities with the idea toward growth and eventually leaving the nest.

During this week's Board of Supervisor's meeting, Oneida County Economic Development Corporation Director Roger Luce said critics say the incubator's compete with private sector rentals. He disputes that...