Oneida County Fair

Oneida County Fair

The Oneida County Fair was canceled this year due to the COVID pandemic, but a virtual fair is beginning online with weeks of activities planned.

Fair Coordinator Tom Barnett details how this fair works...

"What we're planning on doing is having a whole bunch of different events. They will all be online whether they're live or through a pre-recorded situation. We're going to Wildwood Zoo on Friday. That will be recorded. We'll be discussing animals and talking about animals and putting that up on our Facebook page..."

Oneida County Fair To Host Online Events

Jun 30, 2020
WAOW Television

 The Oneida County fair is canceled in person this year, but organizers are bringing the fair back to life online.

The fair will host virtual events and demonstrations on its website and social media pages from July 9th through August 28th.

But fair coordinator Tom Barnett wants people to know that they don't want people to just stay inside.

"We're trying to keep it interesting for everyone," he said. "We're not just going to be posting videos, we're going to have a lot of interactive stuff."


The public turned out to support three programs that are facing changes in Oneida county.

The Oneida County Board is considering it's budget for next year.

One proposal merges the Aging and Disability Resource Center of the Northwoods into the Department of Social Services. Another action involves cutting $16,000 from the Oneida County Fair budget, and a third involves moving UW-Extension to Nicolet College, away from offices at the airport.

Oneida County Fair

4-H exhibits, music, food, and rides are all a part of the annual Oneida County Fair at Rhinelander's Pioneer Park this Thursday through Sunday.

The fair began in 1896 as Gene Shepard introduced to the public his mythical beast of the Northwoods, the Hodag. The fair has been located at the Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport, also in Lake Tomahawk, the Hodag Country Festival grounds and now at Pioneer Park.

Fair Coordinator Tom Barnett says this fair offers the public what you expect, and some interesting talent...

Oneida County Fair

The Oneida County Board this week formalized a state-mandated policy about donations to the county, but not before calming concerns to one organization that is deeply dependent on donations: the Oneida County Fair. Fair Board President Fred Andrus had some concerns...

"...We get a lot of donations, do they have to start designating it for the fair? How does that affect our current budget. We have money set aside for long range plans, again, I'm concerned how this is going to affect the fair..."

Oneida Co. Fair

While fair season is months away, the Oneida County Fair organizers are hoping the public provides them with feedback via an online survey.

Fair Director Thomas Barnett explains...

Oneida County Fair

Though the Oneida County Fair is months away, plans are in motion and they need volunteers.

New fair coordinator Tom Barnett says volunteers and donors make the fair happen...

"...right now we're at the stage where we're trying to find volunteers, all sorts of different ways to raise money with sponsorships for the fair. Without the sponsorships in the community and without people volunteering then the fair doesn't happen on it's own. That's why we need a lot of help right now...."

Barnett says there are a variety of things a volunteer can do...

Oneida County Fair Opens Thursday

Aug 3, 2016

Music, dancing, and good food are just some of what Oneida County fair attendees can look forward to.


The fair opens tomorrow evening at 5 and is open Friday through Saturday 10am to 11pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm. County Fair Coordinator, Nancy Gehrig says there’s a lot of new events at this year’s fair.

A deadline is nearing if you want to display something at the upcoming Oneida County Fair in Rhinelander. Oneida County UW-Extension leader Lynn Feldman says a deadline is later this week...

"....the deadline is for fair registration, fair entries. This is for people to bring things they have made through the course of the year to the fair, to exhibit, to get fair premium money, to excite other people...."

Oneida County Fair

The second public meeting is set for next week to discuss what the Oneida County Fair should be.

The August event brings about 18,000 people to Pioneer Park in Rhinelander. Oneida County UW-Extension leader Lynn Feldman says at the last meeting, four elements came out of discussion, including infrastructure, increasing sponsorships, getting total community involvement, and looking at a new location.

She says now that the fair is over for another year, it's time for more discussion...

Oneida County Fair

The county fair season gets underway in the Northwoods with the Oneida County event beginning Thursday at Pioneer Park in Rhinelander.

The Fair began  in 1896, and featured a look at Gene Shepard's mythical beast, the Hodag. The modern version offers things you expect, 4-H exhibits,  food, music, animals, and more.

Fair Coordinator Nancy Gehrig says things get underway this Thursday with the public invited to stop by Pioneer Park about 4:30 p.m....

Contest Underway To Name The Fairgrounds in Merrill

Jun 17, 2015

The city of Merrill wants a fresh start when taking over the Lincoln County Fairgrounds, including a new name for the property.

While both city and county officials agreed on terms of the sale last week, the transaction won’t take place until September.

In the meantime, a special committee appointed by the mayor, is holding a contest to rename the Lincoln County Fairgrounds. The contest also will help raise funds for the future development and rehabilitation of the property.

Oneida County Fair

A meeting is set for Tuesday(Nov. 18) that could have much to say about what direction the Oneida County Fair will be taking.

The public is invited to the strategic planning session.

The first fair was held in 1896 and has been in three locations in Rhinelander over the years and for awhile was in Lake Tomahawk. Most recently, it has been held in early August at Pioneer Park in Rhinelander.
Nancy Gehrig is Fair Coordinator. She says they need help in several areas...

Oneida County Fair Set to Begin

Jul 30, 2014

The Oneida County fair starts Thursday.

Lynn Feldman, 4H Coordinator for Oneida County UW Extension, says preparation begins far in advance. Organizers spend the winter months updating the fair book, which guides entries for the fair.  Preparation culminates in the week leading up to the fair. 

Record Attendance at Oneida County Fair

Aug 5, 2013

Turnout at the Oneida County Fair last weekend broke the record for the four-day event.  Fair Coordinator Nancy Gehrig says the tally narrowly cleared 20,000.

“We beat our record attendance from last year which was around 17,800.  So every day the sun was shining and every day the fairgrounds here were filled with people.”

Oneida County 4H youth development agent Lynn Feldman says there were hundreds of entries for the fair exhibit at Rhinelander’s Pioneer Park.  And more than half of them were youth projects.