“Forever Chemicals” a Growing Health Threat in NE Wisconsin

Sep 10, 2019

MARINETTE, Wis. - The discovery of chemicals linked to cancer, hypertension and other health problems in groundwater has scientists and people living near Marinette calling for more testing.

PFAS, often referred to as "forever chemicals," have been found in the groundwater near a Tyco Fire Products plant. So far in 2019, scientists have tested 130 private wells in northeastern Wisconsin. They found elevated PFAS levels in 11 wells, and detected the chemicals in 26 others.

Mackenzie Martin WXPR

Following the discovery of chemicals commonly called PFA's in Rhinelander water and the shutdown of well #7, new tests have shown less of the chemical at that well.

City Administrator Daniel Guild updated the common council Monday. The city had the water system tested this summer and Guild had the results.

 "I'm also please to report that the latest testing of water in well #7 is well below the 70 parts per trillion recommendation from the U.S. EPA and also substantially below the 20 parts per trillion recommendation by the State of Wisconsin."

Mackenzie Martin / WXPR

The Crescent Town Spring located at 3171 S River Road is no longer a recommended source of drinking water, according to a press release from the Oneida County Health Department Monday. Many locals have gotten their drinking water from the spring for decades.